We are a family group with different companies in the agricultural business, being coffee and cattle the driving sector for the organization.

Our organization has 461 employees which are workers all year round involved in the business.

The family members are very active in the organization. Here is a bit of what we do.

• Ernesto Garcés: The creator, owner and general manager of the business, the deal maker and the important piece for the company growth and prosperity. He is being married to Isabel Lema for 45 years, they have 5 kids, 4 of them working in the organization.

• Marta Garcés: She is the company key of success. She is the assistant manager and the person who organizes and implements new technology. She is the finance person.

• Gloria Garcés: She is the family Doctor, reason why she is not involved in the family business. She works as a pediatrician in the United States.

• Julio Garcés: The man who makes possible the whole transportation process work, he deals with everything related to the company vehicles. He arranges the movement of coffee from the hills to the beneficios, then to the storage place, then he follows the coffee transportation to the mills in the city until the coffee is sent to the different ports for export. He is also being trained in the farms in all different processes in order to know what this company is all about.

• Victoria Garcés: She controls the expenses and follows the payments in the purchasing department.

• Sergio Vélez: He is the coffee quality control for all the coffee purchasing for the coffee from Antioquia.

• Cristina Garcés: She takes care of the coffee quality control, international marketing and commercialization.

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