We have different types of coffee's to offer in any screen size you request. The standard coffee we offer is Antioquia. Besides our own production, we also buy coffee from other regions in the Antioquia department. That makes a good blend to come up with a very rich cup.

• Antioquia Coffee: It is usually a balanced cup with med-high acidity and body.

• La Concordia Coffee: It is a blend of the good Concordia's we produce in our farms, It is a very nice cup with intense acidity and body. Usually the coffee flavors are sweet, chocolate, lemon and floral.

• Café Montes y Colinas: It is our brand for the specialty coffee. This coffee comes from our best farms, with high altitude and good conditions to always provide consistency in the cup. It is carefully processed separately all the way through the whole process. Following are the different coffee's you can order by name among other estates.

• Café Montes y Colinas El Llano: This is one of our best coffee's. It has a bright acidity, with high notes of lemon and chocolate.

• Café Montes y Colinas Santa Mónica: It is our best seller of the specialty coffee. It has a semi-sweet chocolate flavor with a citrus note, with good acidity and intense body.

• Café Montes y Colinas La Lucía: Sweet! We love the softness and sweetness this coffee is all about.

• Café Montes y Colinas La Josefina: This is a coffee with herbal notes. Usually it shows the pine and eucalyptus flavor with a bit of spices.

• Café Montes y Colinas La Loma: This coffee is winy, citric and intense. It is a complex cup.

• Café Montes y Colinas Casa Roja: This is a full body - low acidity coffee with floral notes.

• Café Montes y Colinas Mata de Monte: A med acidity med body coffee, kind of smoky with chocolate and spices.

• Café Montes y Colinas Majagual: Bright with tropical fruits.

• Café Montes y Colinas Loma Horizontes: Sweet and bright with creamy tobacco.

• Café Montes y Colinas Sabanalarga: A very high acidity coffee with grape and lemon flavor.

• Café Montes y Colinas La Mariela: Another sweet coffee with sugar cane sweetness.

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