In 1950 at age 11, Ernesto Garcés started to struggle in life, after he lost his father and was forced to abandon school in 4th grade.

He started to plant coffee in small quantities without results, but he persisted until 1.961, when he started to buy coffee with more faith and perseverance than money. His personality drove many people to follow him.

With the coffee commercialization, he started to buy land and encouraged people with his enthusiasm and transparency to plant coffee, and he helped them financing and marketing the product.

Ernesto Garcés is an entrepreneur that impacted the economy in La Concordia. He established companies, created jobs, promoted social enterprises creating housing solutions, medical assistance and welfare payments.

He was a big contributor to improve quality life for many families in the coffee growing region. He was concerned about people's education and culture. Ernesto Garcés became president of the local council and senator of Colombia.

Ernesto Garcés considers the key of his success in life, first, being deeply spiritual and believing person, optimistic and believer on goodness in all things, he plants instead of destroy, he respects people and never let a problem take his sleep. "He is sleepless just when he is happy".

In the year 2.003 Ernesto Garcés was elected the character with most transcendence in the actual history of La Concordia.

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